Munchkin Boilers

The Munchkin Boiler is one of the most compact and efficient residential boiler available on the market today. Each Munchkin Boiler will modulate its firing rate to match the energy needs of the living space. This feature provides additional savings versus traditional single firing heaters. With stainless steel construction, you can be assured that you are buying the highest quality appliance. Proven European technology, manufactured in the United States. A quiet operational appliance is just another benefit that comes with the Munchkin boiler.

How It Operates

When the room thermostat calls for heat, the Munchkin boiler control board will start the pump and start to monitor the return water temperature of the system before the heater will begin to heat the water. Once the controller has sensed a drop in the return water temperature below the temperature set point minus the differential set point, the Munchkin boiler will start to heat the water. This eliminates the boiler starting every time the thermostat calls for heat. This feature keeps the system from short cycling.

Once the system has sensed the temperature difference, the Munchkin boiler will activate the blower motor for 5 seconds to prepurge the system before starting the Munchkin boiler. The Munchkin boiler controller will now start to modulate the premix burner based on analyzing the return water temperature, supply water temperature, and the set point temperature. By compiling this information, the controller utilizes an algorithm to fully adjust the firing rate while maintaining the desired output temperature. The pre-mix burner fans have a low-voltage direct current drive motor with a pulse relay counting. This system allows precise control over the fan speed and combustion air volumes. Coupled with the Dungs gas valve and the Venturi system set to provide a one-to-one ratio of precisely measured volumes of fuel to air, accurate and instant burner output is achieved. This keeps the Munchkin boiler running at the highest efficiency. When the thermostat is satisfied, the Munchkin boiler will then go through a 4 second post-purge cycle before shutting off. Every Munchkin boiler is equipped with an indicator light which will pulse constantly in normal operation. When a problem occurs, the indicator light will blink slowly to indicate the heater fault.


  • Fully modulating for ultra high efficiency 95.1%
  • Consists of stainless steel construction 316L
  • ASME And Vision One Control Now Standard
  • Direct vent with standard schedule 40 PVC plastic pipe
  • Quiet operation
  • State-of-the-art control
  • Reliable field-proven spark ignition
  • Each unit is inspected for 100% quality satisfaction
  • Sealed combustion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modular component construction
  • 12 year limited warranty
  • Operates at low supply temperature

Residential Munchkin Boilers:

Natural Gas and Propane Available

Model Number Input BTUH DOE Capacity Shipping Weight A.F.U.E %
T50MR2 18,000 to 50,000 16,000 to 46,000 58 lbs. 95.1
T80MR2 19,000 to 80,000 17,000 to 74,000 58 lbs. 95.1
80MR2 27,000 to 80,000 25,000 to 74,000 75 lbs. 95.1
140MR2 46,000 to 140,000 43,000 to 129,000 101 lbs. 95.1
199MR2 66,000 to 199,000 61,000 to 183,000 111 lbs. 95.1



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